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How Sipping Boujee Coffee Can Change the World One Cup At A Time!

In 2016 I was privileged enough to be asked by my good friend/slightly annoying big brother type depending on the day lol Eddie Stride to help start an organisation that I became the director of - TransformUK. In this role I have helped transform the lives of hundreds of people in our community in Shoreditch and across London. This role has also changed me. I have learned what it is to be a wholehearted leader, have humble character and more graceful communication skills! I have become the best version of myself by being given the space to develop and grow as well as help others to do the same.

It goes without saying that the journey has been relentless - late nights - in fact all nighters - to submit funding applications, running around East London doing various things to support our young people and families and working with the other challenges that leadership throws up.

Today, one of the first young people on our alternative education provision, and someone who, outside of myself, is a manifestation of my reason why, wrote this:

‘To those that know me know that I struggled with the education system growing up, after many attempts at alternative provisions in East London, I finally found somewhere I fitted in TransformUK not only did they help me save myself from a self- disruptive lifestyle but they also saw my potential helped me get to where I am today. With their ongoing love and support even after I left as a student they gave me a job and allowed me to do the work I’m passionate about, young people, the education system, breaking generational cycles and just bringing some real transformational love and consistency to the youth of today. They have allowed me to use my previous experiences to inspire vulnerable and high risk young people. I have attended training and youth service events across London, I have attended youth service response meetings with the in house service and also attended City Hall events with the Mayor of London. I Have finally been given the opportunity to get my voice heard and have a say on the things I believe need to be changed when working with the young people of this generation.'

Paris Sellwood, soon to take over the world, wrote this on her facebook page to promote the coffee that our organisation has just launched. As I sit here sipping on the TransformUK Coffee - whoop whoop - I am reminded of how I have come to love such good coffee over the last few years. It is of course the 'cool' thing to do in Shoreditch lol! But it has also been the fuel to my days on many occasions - although over recent weeks I have transitioned to Decaf after hearing that not drinking caffeine is Jennifer Lopez's secret!

So, given that all proceeds go to TransformUK’s covid19 response supporting the most vulnerable elderly, young people and their families and homeless in our community why would you not also want to grab some to sip on?!

It’s a speciality grade A coffee (the decaf is the best I’ve tasted) and not only are we offering a 15% discount to all NHS/CARE Staff but also a 20% new customer discount: NEW2TRANSFORM2020.

To grab yours now head to and to see more about the work of TransformUK you can check out

Dominy Roe is the Director for TransformShoreditch, a youth and community organisation based in London, UK and is on a mission to inspire those overcoming significant childhood trauma to go on a healing journey and turn their pain into their power. Dominy has over fifteen-years’ experience working with young people and their families who have experienced some of the most significant barriers to education and employment. In her years in leadership positions she continues to ensure that the operational and delivery needs of the young people and the families she works with are at the heart of decision making, policies, systems and staffing. Dominy continues to share her own journey of healing from childhood trauma - Find out more at

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