After over a decade of working in frontline and leadership roles in the education, youth and social care sector I embarked on my own journey of therapy. Unfortunately this was not due to it being recommended or insisted upon despite my overworking and burnout, but as a result of noticing patterns of toxic behaviour in my relationships. Following these cycles of unhealthy and toxic relationships I noticed the common denominator - ME! 


i decided I needed to do something differently. I knew I had created a number of survival techniques and I realised they were just that.. they had helped me to survive but I wanted to thrive. 

As I started to explore therapy I realised that my own traumatic childhood experiences of abuse, being abandoned  by my mum and dad and then being a care leaver, I was shocked to learn the impact. Not just on my romantic relationships but how these unhealthy behaviours had started to spill over into my career.  

I started to explore my own attachment systems, my triggers, my feelings of shame, abandonment and rejection and started a long journey to healing. As I started to implement healthier behaviours in my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental spaces I became more aware of the lack of women around me doing the same. Not because they did not want to, most women I know want more loving relationships more than anything else. But because few other women around us are talking about this essential journey inward. That of healing our soul by exploring our shame. There's no scarier or more rewarding journey to go on. 

Now, as a Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker and Consultant, I partner with women, organisations and systems who want to radically shift behaviours, culture and relationships. I am excited to announce that I have now developed a programme of tools, strategies and insights to revolutionise how we can improve our wellbeing through our relationships; in the workplace, at home and life in general. 

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'Hurt people hurt people but healed people heal people'.

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