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Want to help your team develop strategies to support great mental health?

Do you want to build a team of emotionally healthy staff?

Do you want to improve the culture of wellbeing within your organisation?



The Emotionally Effective Leader


I partner with businesses and organisations who are committed to ensuring that their workforce is thriving in all areas of their lives. Whilst historically we have focused training, and even wellness, on role specific training and interventions we now know that the more a person's holistic wellbeing is supported, the more engaged and effective they will be in their role within our organisation. 

The Emotionally Effective Leader Programme has been designed alongside leaders in business, with innovative insights in brain science, relationship theory and tools and strategies to ensure our effectiveness. We know that when our people are thriving in their personal relationships, they will excel in their professional roles. This programme will support leaders and managers to better be able to engage with their team and their organisation.

To find out more about the Emotionally Effective Leader Programme or how it could be tailored to support your business or organisation, get in touch.


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