Do you know you want more from life but struggling to know where to start?

Are you wanting to break cycles of toxic relationships and become the best version of you?

Want to make changes in your life and need some support, tools and guidance?


"Having the accountability of knowing someone is rooting for me and helping me stay focused has been game changing" 

With my own experiences of surviving childhood trauma and of many unhealthy relationships, you will get a non-judgemental and compassionate approach. Some of us just need the support, patience and loving ear and guidance of a someone that's been in the same place as us, to break down the steps on this journey of healing, health and wellness.

Over the last 7 years, after leaving a codependent and toxic relationship with a drug addict, I started 'doing the work'. I started to realise how much my childhood of sexual, physical and emotional abuse was impacting my adulthood!

It wasn't a straight forward journey, obviously, and nor have I reached some kind of 'healed destination'! I am just continuing to implement tools and strategies that I have learnt and have undoubtedly seen my own U-Turn for the better as a result!

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I have years of experience of facilitating group work which enables us to be vulnerable whilst also being energised by the incredible feminine energy and power created by a group of women! This groups are small, online for now and women only. If you are looking for similar projects for males, do get in touch as I can signpost you.


The group courses I deliver take place regularly and are specific to looking at our own journey of healing and tools for this. I also run financial wellbeing sessions and fitness accountability groups. 

When you get in touch we can always have a 15 minute phone call and see which group would suit your goals best.

'Coaching from Dominy is priceless, being taught not to give in when it hurts and to persevere through the pain'  

Get in touch with me if you want to start working together or if you just have a question

Thank you for your message, I aim to reply within 48 hours. Love and Blessings!

Programmes for Women